The form cannot be rendered – SharePoint 2010 State Service

Testing a Publishing Portal on SharePoint 2010 I tried to submit a page thru a publishing workflow.

When I submitted it to approval I got the following error message:

The form cannot be rendered. This may be due to a misconfiguration of the Microsoft SharePoint Server State Service. For more information, contact your server administrator.

The solution to this error message can be found on this URL:

When we tried to apply the solution we ran the Farm Configuration Wizard on a pre-configured farm and broke our whole SharePoint farm.

Then I spent a bunch of hours to reconfigure the whole farm. So if I can advise you, don’t run the Farm Configuration Wizard, use the Powershell script to configure the State service instead.

It is pretty simple:

$svcApp = New-SPStateServiceApplication -Name "State Service"
New-SPStateServiceDatabase -Name "StateServiceDatabaseName" -ServiceApplication $svcApp
New-SPStateServiceApplicationProxy -Name "State Service" -ServiceApplication $svcApp -DefaultProxyGroup

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