FAST Impulse – User name or password is incorrect on BizMan

Out of a sudden we started getting a message about user names and passwords being wrong on BizMan in a FAST ESP + Impulse environment.

The users were trying to access the BizMan which is the Impulse tool to create and manage search profiles, facets, promotions, search terms and search result boosts.

The error message was “incorrect user name or password“. This lead us to think somebody changed his password and didn’t remember it. But then we checked all the users we knew were having the same issue and seeing same error message. Suspicious, isn’t it?

So we checked the Impulse BizMan database and, believe you or not, on the ImpulseBizMan.users table we could find all the passwords stored as clear text. We checked the passwords on the table and they all matched the ones we used to try to log in to BizMan.

I checked the error messages on all log files on the ESP\var\logs\adminserver folder and found no error messages about user’s logging process.

Since BizMan service/web site depends on the EML Server to get all the information from the Impulse BizMan database I toh. When I checked the logs for the EML Server I found lots of entries about an invalid character in one of the category ids in the category tree. The message was:

ERROR 2012-01-11 11:49:55,823 ( – The value of attribute “id” associated with an element type “category” must not contain the ‘<‘ character. The value of attribute “id” associated with an element type “category” must not contain the ‘<‘ character.

I opened the category tree file and noticed it had been updated a few hours before. Good cue!

Reading the file we could find that on one of the categories we had a XML syntax error (missing a double quote):

<category id="categoryID><![CDATA[Category Name]]></category>

The correct syntax should be:

<category id="categoryID"><![CDATA[Category Name]]></category>

After fixing the file I had to restart the EML Server using the command:

nctrl restart emlserver

BizMan took a few minutes to reconnect to the EML Server and when it was done all users could log in successfully to BizMan.

As I buddy of mine said: “Seems they randomized error messages on the FAST to make it harder for you to debug”. I completely agree.

See you,



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