Upgrading SharePoint 2010 Solution Packages

When deploying solution packages created using Visual Studio you might have a bad surprise and have all your IIS application pools stopped and restarted in a long and painful operation.

But why? What causes it?

By default all the Visual Studio created solution packages ask for an IIS reset when the solution package is added and a start/stop operation when the solution package is upgraded.

Normally you would avoid this type of operations because they are long and affect all the application pools on your WFE servers, so users will not be happy having their applications restarted when pushing other site’s code.

In order to change it, go to the properties of your solution package on Visual Studio (you will need to do it for each solution package you have). To access these properties you need to open the solution package file in design mode on Visual Studio.

Change the Reset Web Server property value to False. This property controls whether IIS will be restarted when you add the solution to your Sharepoint farm.

Change the Reset Web Server Mode On Upgrade property value to Recycle. This property controls whether the application pools will be recycled or will be stopped and restart when you upgrade the solution package.

This will make your solutions be upgraded quickly and decrease the impact on other web applications which don’t use the solutions you’re upgrading.

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