Powershell Week – Day 1: Copy List Structure Using Template

This week I’m starting a series of posts with several Powershell scripts I’ve been writing to help with some activities that might take a long time if you do it manually. I hope you enjoy the Powershell scripts as I do!

This first one is about creating a list or document library based on an existing one. The approach used is to save the existing library as a template and then creating the new one based on the template.

$site = get-spsite("http://www.yourwebapplication.com")
$web = $site.Allwebs["your web site"]
$list = $web.Lists["your library"]
$list.SaveAsTemplate("TemplateName.stp", "TemplateName", "Template Name", $false)
# the last parameter defines wheter you want the data to be saved in the template

$listTemplates = $site.GetCustomListTemplates($web)
$web.Lists.Add("New List URL", "New list Name", $listTemplates["TemplateName"])

If you want, you can also delete the template after the copy is created.

See you,



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