Developing for SharePoint Using Visual Studio 2012 – Tech Ed North America

I just watched the video Developing and Managing SharePoint Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio from Tech Ed North America 2012.

Jay Schmelzer covered the following topics (I also put my opinions about each topic):

  • Web Development versus Sharepoint Development: He stated that on VS2012 what you can do for web development can also be done for SharePoint development. That is really a great achievement for the SharePoint developers.
  • Simplified SharePoint project types: I was really very confusing on VS2010. Why would you create a project for an event handler instead of having a SharePoint and add the event handler to it??
  • Creating SharePoint lists using Visual Studio 2012: That is a cool feature demonstrated by Jay on this video. VS2012 can create the list and support most of the list configurations available. And best of all, no XML involved.
  • Creating Visual Web Parts for Sandboxed Solutions: Now it is part of Visual Studio 2012. If you use Visual Studio 2010, you should use the Visual Studio SharePoint Power Tools.
  • Better integration with the SharePoint Content Database: I didn’t see it much, even though he mentioned it a bunch of times. The only time it really showed knowledge of the content database was when he deployed the list for the second time and VS2012 told him there was a conflict. I was expecting something smarter in the way intellisense works to help you figure out list names, field names, available content types, etc.
  • Using the JavaScript Client Object Model and JQuery: No news here. I was expecting something more from VS2012 on this matter but no
  • Page inspector on IE – Developer Tools (F12): No news here. He just showed what already exists. No VS2012 related feature and by the way, Chrome Developer Tools is much better!
  • Retract is automatic after stopping the debug: That is new and it is also configurable.
  • Deployment config, pre and post deployment steps: All this stuff already exists on VS2010.
  • Less features created on projects: Finally!
  • Manifest file: You can edit it and also have schema completion.
  • Feature dependency: Already existed on VS2010.
  • Deploy to Office 365: Cool feature.


He also talked about 2 interesting topics by the end of the session:

Unit test for SharePoint– fake classes: they are going to provide those classes to allow developers to right unit test for SharePoint solutions in a less painful way than what is out there now.

LightSwitch: rapid business application development tool now integrated with SharePoint lists.


My rating for the session would be 3 out of 5 because no great/new topics were covered in depth on this session and I was expecting more from VS2012.


You can watch other videos from Tech Ed North America 2012 at Channel 9:



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One Response to Developing for SharePoint Using Visual Studio 2012 – Tech Ed North America

  1. Lee Steele says:

    With the release of Visual Studio 2012, it is no longer simply an IDE, it has changed a lot with which you will keep wondering what are the things that an Visual Studio can’t do. Visual Studio has released with some of the great features and functionalities.

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