SharePoint 2010 DB Migration – database is up to date, but some sites are not completely upgraded

I was migration several content databases to SharePoint 2010 using Powershell (Mount-SPContentDatabase command) and after the migration I went to Central Admin to check the databases status.

There I could see this message on one of the databases:
Database is up to date, but some sites are not completely upgraded.

Searching on Google for the solution I found several articles on using STSADM instead of the Powershell command. The article “SharePoint 2010 Content Database Migration, Re-Deploy Results in Foreign Key Constraint Error” is one of the examples I found with the STSADM recommendation. With further research, I also found some articles recommending to run the Upgrade-SPContentDatabase cmdlet to upgrade the content DB. The article SharePoint Upgrade has a good example of it and explains how to get the content DB GUID using the Get-SPContentDatabase cmdlet. I also tried this and even though the cmdlet returned sucessfully the database continued with the same status.

Finally, checking the Mount-SPContentDatabase Errors on 2nd and subsequent attempts of same database article I found the awesome recommendation on closing the Powershell window and open it again. I did it and finally I could run the migration successfully. The article didn’t explain why it happens but it says it is a known issue and happens after you leave the Powershell window open for a long time. I hope Microsoft works on solving this kind of issues because they can easily take a couple of days from our migration schedules.

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SharePoint Farm Solution Extractor

When you are migrating SharePoint 2007 to 2010 you might realize that you don’t have a copy of all the solution packages you installed on your farm. If that is your case, the SharePoint Farm Solution Extractor is an awesome tool to help you get the current deployed solution packages on your farm:

You can use it with the following parameters to save all deployed packages to the specified folder:

SharePointFarmSolutionExtractor.exe -extractAll e:\FarmSolutions

A few notes:
-the extractAll parameter is case sensitive.
-the folder must exist before you run the command.

It helped me to get all the solution packages from the 2007 environment to install on the 2010 environment.

Hope this helps you as well.


SharePoint Feature Administration and Clean Up Tool

The Feature Administration and Clean Up Tool ( helps you find all the installed features on your farm, web application, site collection and site. It also has the ability to find and remove faulty features from the farm. The author provides versions for SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

It is very useful tool when maintaining SharePoint farms and it was even more useful for me when I started migrating my farm from SharePoint 2007 to 2010. I used it to double check the features on the SharePoint farm and remove the faulty ones (yes, be sure you take a look at faulty features, you might not know but it can be there).

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