Support for Rewrites and Redirects on SharePoint

If you use Microsoft SharePoint versions 2007, 2010 or 2013 and also use URL Rewriting techniques, you should review this Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

Supportability of Rewrite and Redirects with SharePoint 2007/2010/2013

According to the article, if you change the path of the URL (the part after the domain, e.g. /pages/home.aspx) received by IIS and send a different one to SharePoint (called asymmetrical URL rewriting in the article) you are unsupported.

If you send the same path of the URL received by IIS to SharePoint, then you run a supported scenario.


Why is it important? – you might ask.

It is important because when you run into issues on your implementation and you don’t find a good solution “googling” around, you might have to call Microsoft for support and their answer for you might be: “you’re running an unsupported scenario.”.

In my case, we ran into issues with AXD files not being sent to the browser by SharePoint and the issue looks to be related to both the URL rewriting and the output cache. for now we disabled the output cache as a workaround and it seems to working fine. Let’s see if we can find a good solution for this issue. I’ll probably write more about it here when we figure it out.

If you use any type of URL rewriting on SharePoint or are planning on doing it, you should this article out.


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Set IIS Redirect Settings using Powershell


Today I had to change the redirect setting on IIS for a site and before it has been a kind of painful process.

I don’t like doing things manually because it is very error prone and mainly when I’m dealing with Production servers errors are not very welcome.

This powershell script can change these settings for you:

import-module webAdministration

$siteName = "Your Site"
$redirectPage = ""

# Set the redirect
Set-WebConfiguration system.webServer/httpRedirect "IIS:\sites\$siteName" -Value @{enabled="true";destination="$redirectPage";exactDestination="true";httpResponseStatus="Found"}

In order to disable redirect you can use this script:

<pre>import-module webAdministration

$siteName = "Your Site"
$redirectPage = ""

# Disable the redirect
Set-WebConfiguration system.webServer/httpRedirect "IIS:\sites\$siteName" -Value @{enabled="false"}

You can get the script file here.

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